1. Climate & Tour Season
Those who come to Daegu for the first time will have the impression that it is a green city. The green leaves of the street trees make people on the street feel refreshed. Daegu has the greatest number of street trees among all the cities in the nation. Its continental climate is due to the mountains surrounding the city, which block the wind from the sea. The average temperature of Daegu is 13.0 in October, and the average of the year is 13.7 showing the highest difference between seasons in the nation. For the past 30 years, from 1971 to 2000, Daegu's annual average temperature has been 13.7 with a high of 39.5 on July 31, 1977, and a low of -14.1 on January 26, 1974. The average annual precipitation is 1027.7mm.

2. Food
Samgyetang (Chicken soup)
Ingredients: Young chicken, sweet rice, ginseng, garlic, chestnut, jujube

A young chicken is cleaned out the stuffed with various ingredients before being boiled to draw out a delicious broth.

Bibimbap (Boiled rice mixed with vegetables)
Ingredients: Rice, fernbrake, roots of balloon flower, bean sprout, beef, red pepper paste, sesame oil

Description: A dish made by mixing rice with various other cooked vegetables. Great for experiencing with different vegetables, pleasing to the eye, and full of nutrients. Jeonju's variation of the bibimbap is most famous.

Ttaro-gukbap (steamed rice with soup)

Originally served as a quick and hearty bowl of soup with rice in it for merchants working near the Daegu Train Station, this well-known Daegu specialty is now usually served as separate bowls of rice and soup. In the past, rice in soup was considered as a cheap food, but fresh steamed rice and soup served separately are considered as quality food. The spicy soup made of beef ribs with beef blood pudding and vegetables simmered slowly for many hours is excellent for the health. Ttaro-gukbap is well known as one of the representative foods in the traditional food alley in Dongseongno.

Jjimgalbi (beef rib stew)

This dish originated some 40 years ago when a grandmother prepared Jjimgalbi for her grandchildren in an old dented metal bowl over a charcoal fire. It has now become one of the best-known foods of Daegu, and Jjimgalbi Golmok(Beef Rib Stew Alley) has been established in the Dongindong area. Being different from traditional Jjimgalbi cooked with soy sauce, Dongindong Jjimgalbi is very hot and spicy with red pepper powder and garlic. The food served in an old-fashioned metal bowl is particularly enjoyable.
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