Date/Time : October 25, 2006(14:30-17:00)
Condition : Only for 100 people(who want to go on a trip to Daegu City among people who make a pre-registration to 6th ISAIA, free of charge

Daegu City Tour
Itinerary Donghwasa Temple ¡æ Otgol Folk Village
* Duration 2 hours and a half * From/To : Main Hotel
Donghwasa Temple

Donghwasa Temple is an ancient temple of the Silla Kingdom with a long history and is situated in the Donghak-dong valley. In 493, Priest Geukdal originally founded this temple and named it Yugasa Temple. Later, it was restructured by the Great Buddhist Teacher Simji. At that time, flowers of the paulownia trees (O-dong) were in full bloom, foretelling of favorable omen, and the temple was renamed Donghwasa Temple. In particular, the place has the Great Pharmaceutical Stone Buddha for Unification that represents the hope for national re-unification.
Otgol Folk Village

1km east of Daegu Airport, this village is occupied by Gyeongju Choe Clan. Otgol Village helps you better understand the style of the ruling parties¡¯ typical houses and their life style. Baekbul-gotaek, a head house, was designated Daegu¡¯s Folk Material no. 1. Besides, various buildings such as Bobondang shrine and a household shrine boast a history of 400 years. They were built in 1616 by Choe Dongjip, a scholar during the Joseon Dynasty.
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