The International Symposium on Architectural Interchanges in Asia (ISAIA) is a biennial international symposium co-sponsored by the Architectural Institute of Korea (AIK) together with the Architectural Society of China (ASC) and the Architectural Institute of Japan(AIJ). The 6th ISAIA is scheduled to be held on October 25~28, 2006 in Daegu, Korea and hosted by AIK. The organizing committee of ISAIA welcomes professors, architects, building engineers, researchers and students to take part in the symposium.

'The International Symposium on Architectural Interchanges in Asia' was established to promote communication with people in the rest of Asia and cooperate for the development of 21st Asian architecture and culture in 1986. And the history of it follows as;
The theme of the 6th ISAIA is "A+T : Neo-Value in Asian Architecture" which represents new paradigm of Asian Architecture, in which Architecture + Technologies shall be spotlighted from the aspect of new value, the harmony and co-existence of human beings and nature. Your participation and contribution to the symposium are highly appreciated for the goodness of ensuring the welfare and prosperity of Asia and the world, our generation and future generation.

Prof. Shim, Woo-Gab
President of AIK

Prof. Kim, Sang-Dae
Chairman of Organizing Committee
The Sixth International Symposium on Architectural Interchanges in Asia (ISAIA) will be held at Daegu, Korea in October, 2006. Since its commencement in 1996, the scholars and professionals of architecture not only from Korea, China and Japan but also from the other parts of Asia have convened and shared their experiences and knowledge for betterment of architecture in this region and beyond. The new century has brought out a great deal of challenges in the field of architecture against the global and local industrialization coupled with rapid technological development. The immoderate development and anti-environmental design are now making us to go over the past and to set up the new values in architecture. It is in this context that we are to gather at this symposium and to bring forth a new paradigm for this century. The symposium theme, "A+T, Neo-Value in Asian Architecture" presents significant issues which would relate advanced technologies to environmentallysound architecture in Asia. With escalating demands for the co-existence of the nature and the built environment, we do not have any choice but to research on status quo in an interdisciplinary way and to create a new world in which culture, tradition and human beings co-exist. It is our hope that, with this renewed awareness of the changing tide of the world and through faithful friendship among the Asian communities, we can continuously make significant advancement towards the brighter future. The ISAIA Symposium will provide not only a valuable academic exchanging opportunity, but also, and more importantly, a gathering moment to share the same goal in mind. Also, this event will, in no doubt, promote the unity and cooperation of Asian architects and scholars. Seven categorized Academic Sessions and four Special Sessions regarding specific issues such as sustainable environment, super-tall buildings, urban rehabilitation and Asian architectural theory are all tailored to welcome respectable scholars, professionals and stakeholders. I believe this symposium will be beneficial for promoting academic exchanges and for deepening the friendship among the participants as well. Following the Third Symposium at Jeju island in 2000, the Architectural Institute of Korea again hosts the Sixth Symposium at Daegu, one of the fast developing cities in Korea. Your participation and contribution are needed more than ever to recognize our common goals and to meet the challenges of Asian architecture.
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