October 25~28, 2006
Daegu Convention Center, Daegu, Korea
      • Introduction of Daegu  
Architectural Institute of Korea (Host)
Architectural Society of China
Architectural Institute of Japan

A+T(Architecture and Technology) has a significant meaning of technological advancement with environmental consciousness in Asian countries.
With escalating demands to design for the co-existence and to research across the interdisciplinary fields, new challenges for the generations to come is to be faced in Asian
architecture. And it is time to establish a new value of architecture and technology in
our authentic culture and tradition.

Letter of Appreciation to the participants of 6th ISAIA
ISAIA2006 Final Program
Construction Technology Research Center for Tall Buildings Special Poster Presentation Schedule
Oral/Poster Presentation Schedule (Final)

Submission of Abstract : May 31, 2006
Submission of Full Papers : September 15, 2006      
Notification of Final Acceptance : September 30, 2006

LANGUAGE : Official language for the symposium will be English.

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